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The Beginning of the End || Alice



Greyback had slowly slipping into a trance of warm murky water as he struggled to remain conscious. He assumed he’d suffered some major head injury during his torture and now had a concussion. Great, he thought bitterly. His head dipped forward every once in a while, fighting drowsiness. He heard frantic shuffling and tensed as much as he could, on guard for an attack. But then he heard his Alice’s voice. Shit. He didn’t want her to see him like this. Greyback attempted to stand as she grabbed onto him, but he merely fell back down against the hard bark of the tree. “I… It was just a bar fight. Stupid drunk,” he lied. He didn’t want to worry her about the on-coming war brewing outside of Hogwarts. He knew she wasn’t stupid. His injuries were clearly more than a fight, but he had to try.

She furrowed her eyebrows as Alice was a little annoyed that he lied to her. The girl knew that his injuries didn’t come a bar fight. It was a lot serious than some silly bar fight. She dropped her wand beside her and Alice brought her trembling hands to cup his bruised face and Alice kept her eyes narrowed at the man seated in front of her. “Do not lie to me, Greyback. I know this isn’t from a bar fight..” She said as the Gryffindor glared at her older companion before Alice took her hands off his face and Alice shifted her attention to her wand that lay next to her. Alice took her wand and she gripped onto it tightly and she held her trembling hand tightly as she hoped that her hand would stop shaking. Seeing Greyback battered up frightened the girl, it made the girl thinks what if Greyback dies? What would happen to the girl? It frightened her immensely. Alice shifted her attention to her small handbag and she took her handkerchief and dabbed the cloth on the blood that was rolling down the side of his head. The girl wanted to take him to St. Mungo’s but she knew that he would refuse. For the first time, Alice didn’t know what to do.   

Though his gaze was hazy, he could see he was frightening her. He tried to reach up and hold her face, but he couldn’t find the strength. Greyback groaned in the effort to get up on his feet. he couldn’t do it. “Where are we?” He had to find out what part of the forest they were in. He needed to get inside somewhere. The chill of the wind was getting to him. If he could nurse his wounds, they would get infected. He leaned towards the girl to find some support. “You have to get me inside, Alice,” he urged. He hated being weak. She wasn’t suppose to be the one to take care of him. However, he had no choice. He was dying. He needed her now. “I’m sorry, my Alice,” he murmured, losing his last bit of strength. He apologized for putting such a burden on her, for not being stronger. His eyes drooped closed heavily, in danger of falling under.

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